Where it all began

This morning while watching Chris at his swimming lesson at Val de Vie, I was chatting to one of the other moms. She was telling me all about life on the estate and traveling to the UK every other month. And it all started to sound really nice. Why can’t that be me? Don’t get me wrong. I love my life, but there’s nothing wrong in wanting something more? A goal to work towards? Is there?

Then I got thinking of my extensive Pinterest boards and all the goodies that I’d one day like to make and do. But they are all safely pinned out of site. Not anymore!

As from today, the 17th August 2015, all my dreams, goals, things that I’d like to do and make are coming onto this blog. Where I can look at it every day, choose something and work on reaching my goals. Who knows maybe one day I might have my house on Val de Vie and fly off to the UK as well.

Watch this spot – anything could happen!


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